Stunning student-made paper outfits pack Bevier Gallery


Friday, Nov 17, 2017
Saturday, Jan 6, 2018



Bevier Gallery (second floor of Booth Hall)


Photo by Grace Klinger: A CIAS student shows off her dazzling creation at last month's Beaux Arts Ball.

In October, Foundations students in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS) at RIT dressed themselves in their own innovation and creativity for the Beaux Arts Ball.

For the second annual event, students (mainly freshmen) enrolled in Foundations courses were challenged by faculty to create and wear history-inspired attire made completely out of paper and paper-based planar materials.

Now, selected designs from the 2017 ball are featured in an exhibition in Bevier Gallery titled "After the Ball." Some of the splendid Beaux Arts Ball outfits will be showcased from Nov. 17 to Jan. 6.