SOFA Honors Show at Brick City Homecoming


Saturday, Oct 14, 2017


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Carlson Auditorium (Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science)


Left: Screenshot of "Dog Clog," a 2D animation by Maggie Miller that will be shown at the show.

Students from RIT’s School of Film and Animation produce more than 300 films and animations each year. Although each has its own merits, 25-plus projects from last academic year were selected to represent outstanding undergraduate and graduate work in the SOFA Honors Show, part of RIT Brick City Homecoming and Family Weekend festivities. 

The screenings are set for 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 14, in RIT’s Carlson Auditorium (room 1125), in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science.  

Below is a list of the work that will be featured. 

“Dog Clog” — 2D animation by Maggie Miller

“Seek Another Land” — narrative fiction by Phillip Leteka

“When it Rains” — 2D animation by Nick Iannaco

“Not so Lovely” — documentary by Annika Servin

“Distant Stars” — narrative fiction by Emily Fisher

“Buds” — 3D animation by Junyoung Hyun

“Outburst” — narrative fiction by Benjamin Strack

“Beard” — narrative fiction by Christopher Crompton

“Popcorn” — 2D animation by Siti Lu

“It Didn’t Mean Anything” — experimental by Irena Weaver

“Sticky” — 2D animation by Grace Boos

“You Got Her” — narrative fiction by Connor McGlynn

“Out of the Box” — 2D animation by Marcel Saleta

“Log.txt” — stop motion animation by Ben Doran

“Sonny Jim” — narrative fiction by Evamarie Choma

“Priority” — 3D animation by Manuel Moreno-Lee

“Alan” — 2D animation by Isabella Iampieri

“Sherman” — narrative fiction by Patrick Hogue

“Haunted” — narrative fiction by Lane McFaddin

“Dropped” — 3D animation by Tim Stringer

“The Nearness of You” — 2D animation by Tianyi Yin

“Force of Nature” — 2D animation by Bob Brewster

“I Very Much Like to Live Alone” — narrative fiction by Emma Firulli

“Communists in the Summer House — documentary by Camille Howard

“Subject” — 2D animation by Angélica Agélviz

“Canis Latinicus” — narrative fiction by Creighton Yanchar and Emmanuel Palad