SPAS Facilities Staff Spotlight

Sep 06, 2013

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Thumbnail for SPAS Facilities Staff Spotlight

The six staff members in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences have collectively over 100 years of experience supporting photograph endeavors. 

Most of the facilities staff have been witness to the photographic industries transition from an analog process to digital.  Many of them can recall the lines of students waiting to access a traditional darkroom to complete projects and assignments.  Students often spent entire days and evenings in the dark to complete work they held off completing until the very last minute.

Yes, times have changed! Computer workstations have replaced darkrooms, while studio images are captured immediately on a variety of digital camera systems instead of waiting days for traditional film images to be processed. The facilities staff continues to support a world-renowned program that boasts some of the biggest and most successful alumni in the industry.  

They strive to provide cutting edge facilities and equipment that is still the envy of photographic educators throughout the world. 


  • SPAS facilities manage a multi-million dollar equipment inventory
  • They average nearly 1,000 equipment checkout transactions daily
  • Manage 30 fully equipped studios, 40 darkrooms and over 115 computer workstations
  • Purchase and use over $100,000 in inkjet ink each year
  • Sales of over $90,000 from the Imaging Systems Lab, a fine print lab that serves the needs of the entire institute.


The SPAS facilities staff is dedicated to providing exceptional support to photographic education and helping to produce the photographic stars of the future.