RIT professor, students begin work on PTSD awareness film

Apr 10, 2013

Thumbnail for RIT professor, students begin work on PTSD awareness film
Thumbnail for RIT professor, students begin work on PTSD awareness film

RIT professor Peter Kiwitt and his students have recently begun pre-production on "Purple Heart,"  a narrative short-film to help encourage veterans to seek help in dealing with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

The film tells the story of a young Iraq War veteran caught in the grips of PTSD. Development of the project began this past December and production will take place May 20-30 in and around the Rochester area.

Upon completion, the film will be made available to veterans at no charge, and after a film festival run, it will also be made available to the public online.

Donations are currently being accepted in order to help fund the film. For more information or to make a donation, visit:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/purple-heart.

Tentative Crew

(subject to availability)

  • Director: Peter Kiwitt (Faculty)
  • Producers: Mark Logan (2nd year), Rachel Foley (grad)
  • Writers: Ed Foose (2nd year), Evelyn Morse (2nd year)
  • Director of Photography: Mark Foggetti (Faculty)
  • Camera Operators: Aaron Gordon (4th year), Mark Davis (4th year)
  • Camera Assistant: Katy Annis (2nd year)
  • Casting Director: James Nevada (3rd year)
  • Art Director: Ruiqi Liu (grad)
  • Art Department: Ruosi Han (grad), Meghan Connolly (4th year), Tsing Yue (grad), Alicia Cobb (2nd year)
  • Location Manager: Beth Lane (grad)
  • Assistant Producer: Cody Webb (1st year)
  • Gaffer: Adam Oullette (4th year)
  • Key Grip: Ira Keeley (4th year)
  • Sound: Ryan Meadows (2nd year), Chris Viall (3rd year)
  • Script Supervisor: Emi Sano (4th year)
  • Special Effects: Will Barber (1st year)
  • Visual Effects: Ruudy Liu (grad)
  • Storyboard Artist: Emily DeVault (2nd year)
  • Military Consultant: Jesse Weeden (1st year)
  • Glass Consultant: Will Sideman (grad)
  • Public Relations: Minni Clark (1st year)
  • Poster Design: Taylor Kaiser (2nd year)
  • Additional crew: Matt Lees (2nd year), Josh Bogert (2nd year)