High Falls Film Festival 2013 - RIT Women of SOFA Show!

Mar 23, 2013

Thumbnail for High Falls Film Festival 2013 - RIT Women of SOFA Show!
Thumbnail for High Falls Film Festival 2013 - RIT Women of SOFA Show!

The High Falls Film Festival
on Saturday, April 20th, will be featuring shorts produced by the Women of the School of Film and Animation.  To find out more about the festival and to book tickets, visit the following link:  http://highfallsfilmfestival.com/viewfilm?filmid=54.

Featured Show Length:  94 minutes

Audition directed by Jieitng Chen and Junran Mo.  This short animation is the story of an Ugly Duckling who shines on the stage.  The most important thing is that she sticks to her true self.

Empty Elise directed by Amanda Kearney.  A young girl lives a dull life working at El Fiesta Burrito, where she deals with rude customers and a demanding manager.  She gets "abducted" into a fantasy world where she is taken on a journey to self- discovery.

Robots in Space directed by Ilana Schwartz.  Father son activities in outer space take an unexpected turn as Little Jimbot tries to get his his dad's attention! 

Fio directed by Kalia Pickett. A girl brings light to a dark city proving that hope can be kept alive.

Roxy’s Music directed by Christina Lodato.  When small-time hunky rock star Kris Kutlass comes to town, his biggest fans, Roxy and Sam, are on a mission to impress him. But when their "dweeby" friend Tim gets involved, their rock 'n roll adventure doesn't quite go as planned... 

Bummer directed by Jen Dexter.  Our interactions with each other leave an impact whether we see them or not.     

Unit directed by Shuang Chang.  It is a basic concept in Taoism that “personal infinity” can be achieved by visualizing the process where human bodies unify with the Universe. Unit is an animated adaptation of drawings created by my Mother, Hanjinying, who is writing and painting a book on Taoism.

Ripples directed by Shreyasi Das.  An elderly woman reminisces about her hometown.

Remembering the Pythodd directed by Tina Chapman DaCosta.  The Pythodd Room was a swinging jazz club in Rochester's 3rd Wardneighborhood in the 1950's to 1970's.  Patrons refer to the Pythodd as aspecial place, but what made it so special, and how did it affect thepeople and the neighborhood?

Soap directed by Xin Yin.  Soap is small. Sometimes, people ignore it, especially, a soap that is almost used up. However, the little soap has its own power.

Seek directed byChristar Wan.  After ten years in prison, Jimmy returns home to find the love of his life, Sarah, only to realize things have changed.

About The High Falls Film Festival

Founded in 2001, the High Falls Film Festival is one of the few film festivals worldwide that celebrates the work of women filmmakers, and is one of the longest running women’s film festivals on the East Coast.

A non-profit organization, the High Falls Film Festival has screened more than 500 films since its inception, spotlighting the cinematic works of women and bringing the finest independent motion pictures and film artists to Rochester and Western New York audiences.  The Festival includes features, documentaries, shorts, children’s and young adult programs.  The Festival has also offered programs in film education as well as student film making competitions.

About RIT Women of SOFA

Women students in the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology play an important role in shaping the films produced at the School. The Women of SOFA program celebrates the strong creative voices of these young filmmakers.

The School of Film and Animation at RIT provides a creative community where students have the opportunity to discover their unique creative potential, explore their talents, and convey their messages to the world through the cinematic medium.

We are proud of our women students’ works and hope that you enjoy the voices of the next generation of filmmakers.

Exhibition Curators: Professor Cat Ashworth and Professor Brian Larson