Natural Elements Exhibition

Oct 20, 2012

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Natural Elements, an exhibition featuring RIT Visiting Assistant Professor Bill Wolff and fellow artist Marcia Wolfson Ray is on view at the Gallery at Penn College in Williamsport, PA through November 11. For more information, visit

Wolff is exhibiting large scale and modular woodcarvings built during the four years he spent in Japan, as well as recent work.

Sculptor Bill Wolff uses trees to create gestural forms that reflect the conflicts and struggles in our daily lives. His work begins with models and drawings that are influenced by the constant push and pull of our wants and actions.  Forms are reworked on a larger scale by carving and assembling wood using multiple hollow sections, a variation on a Japanese process. The surfaces and idiosyncrasies of the wood, a living material, are treated as equal partners. Work retains figurative elements and details, but the forms and movements are altered to create a broad appeal to the senses. Through scale, gesture, image, and material, Wolff hopes the observers will see the objects as their peers.

Born and based in New York, Wolff works and exhibits nationally and in Asia. His work incorporates influences and techniques from diverse traditions.

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