Project image

Example layout for the menu design.

As it's difficult to show off an interactive menu system within a demo video, it is also pretty straight forward for this design. All menus have a point of repetition over a span of 30 seconds, where they repeat if no action is taken. There are three spots of 30 second animation in this video to showcase how that space is held and the animation occurring during it. There are many more films that are shown, but I only chose to go through two menus found under the "Select A Film" to demonstrate the navigation concept. At the end, the animation that plays is what occurs when you select "Play All".

Designs were created and laid out using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Interactive Menus, DVDs and Blu-Ray creation was completed in Adobe Encore. The motion graphics, sound editing and visual design were created by myself. Music was chosen from a library of royalty-free content found at the college.