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Shu Chang

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As technologies advance in the field of additive manufacturing (AM), it increases the demand in using test targets to quantitatively appraise the performance of AM processes and parts. This study presents a unique concept to address the dimensional and geometric viability of three-dimensional (3D) printers with test targets that are unique and complementary to those currently available. We have named these distinct designed artifacts as Geometric Element Test Targets (GETTs). The concept for the targets is to rely on positioning and spatial frequency of geometric shapes to induce failures that are indicative of the system's dimensional limitations. A distinguishing characteristic is that the dimensional failures can be inspected visually. Systematic evaluations of the limitations can be further conducted through contact or non-contact measurements. We will illustrate this concept with samples produced with fused deposition modeling printers. The potential applications of GETTs include standardization, reference targets, in-line system control, and more.

SFFF manuscript
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