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NextPrint Laboratory of School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology is taking on 3D printing research

Since Dr. Shu Chang joined the School of Media Sciences last fall as the Melbert B. Cary Jr. Distinguished Professor, she has been establishing her research facility and growing her group. As her research goal is to bridge system aspects of conventional digital printing to the rapidly growing field of 3D printing, her initial focus has been to develop characterization techniques to assess materials microstructures in a fabricated object. Her future goal will be to increase the types of materials that one can print in order to fabricate novel materials systems and devices in the fields of biology, medicine, and electronics.

During the past year, Dr. Chang has welcomed Nathan Ostrout, Heng Li, and Di Bai, all seeking a Master of Science degree in the School of Media Sciences, into her research group. In addition, Vineeth Patil, a second year graduate student, is currently finishing his thesis in the RIT’s Materials Science and Engineering program. Dr. Chang’s group has produced one peer reviewed publication in Powder Technology and two publications in the proceedings of the Solid Free Form Symposium and the NIP30 Digital Fabrication and Digital Printing.

Dr. Chang’s laboratory has attained a Keyence Digital Microscope VHX-5000 that is capable of imaging surface topography and measuring 3D artifacts, a Lutsbot 3D fused deposition modeling 3D printer, a MakerBot digitizer, and just recently in August a Fuji Dimatix Materials Printer DMP-3000. In addition, Dr. Chang is co-developing a powder deposition apparatus with the PRISM lab of RIT’s College of Engineering. Her research group also enjoys access to many other research facilities on the RIT campus, including the Brinkman’s lab (College of Engineering) which has a variety of 3D manufacturing printers and a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (College of Science).

Prior to joining RIT, Dr. Chang worked in printing technology research and development at Xerox for almost 25 years. Her work at Xerox spanned from printing technologies and materials science research to sustainability in printing and market explorations. Her expertise extends to process and materials systems, lean six sigma, modeling and simulation, and materials characterizations. Shu holds over 25 U.S. Patents and patent applications as well as 45 publications.