CIAS students, faculty to take part in multimedia performance


Saturday, Apr 22, 2017


6:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Lutheran Church of the Reformation, 111 North Chestnut St., Rochester


Image on the left by Guan-Huei Wu


An Empire Film Music Ensemble Earth Day performance will include the works of several College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT students and faculty, whose videos and photos will accompany music pieces. 


School of Film and Animation professor Stephanie Maxwell, SOFA undergrad Reuben Van Hoeve and visual communication design MFA student Guan-Huei Wu collaborated on projects for “TERRA,” a multimedia experience demonstrating the historical development of artistic treatments of nature. 


Maxwell shot underwater video in the Caribbean Sea for her role in creating “Aquarium.” One of her images is on the right. Van Hoeve’s video for the “Vessels” presentation is a slow meditation on the intricacies of natural and urban environments while Wu’s nature photos from around the world are to be featured in “Albedo.”


Maxwell worked with Empire Film Music Ensemble artistic director Max Berlin on "Aquarium." Meanwhile, Van Hoeve teamed with Grant O'Brien of the Eastman School of Music and Wu joined forces with Eastman School of Music's Joe Hagan for their projects.


The free show is at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, 111 North Chestnut St., Rochester.