Research in Focus: Perception


Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017


3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


University Gallery


RIT's The Council for the Representation & Engagement of Women Faculty (CREW) presents 20/20 Research in Focus: Perception.  This talk will feature four faculty speakers as well as refreshments and networking time after the presentations.

Meredith Davenport
Associate Professor, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences
Talk: Perception and Fact in Theater of War
This talk will explore how perception relates to iconic news images through the photographs in my book Theater of War about men who re-enact games based on contemporary conflict.

Sorim Chung, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Saunders College of Business
Talk: It Feels Softer Than it Looked Online:
Contrast-Priming Effects of Touch-Screen Users in Multi-Channel Shopping
In multi-channel retailing, one of the recent shopping trends is webrooming (researching product options online).  This study explores if webrooming behavior influences shoppers' subsequent offline retail experiences.

Mari Jaye Blanchard
Assistant Professor, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences
Talk: Looking Forward by Looking Back
Assistant Professor Mari Jae Blanchard, a traditional 2D animator, will be speaking about her experiences researching, designing, and collaboratively creating a contemporary version of an antiquated moving-image machine, the Mutoscope.

Ammina Kothari, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts
Talk: media and Perceptions of the Refugee Crisis
This presentation will focus on how news organizations through selective emphasis on certain causes and solutions and use of specific words and visuals shape the public's perception of the on-going refugee crisis.